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Our company is an ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certified enterprise, and strictly manufacturer all products in accordance with the International Standards Organization, like ISO4427, EN12201, etc, which fully meets the requirement of customers. Adopting the “8S” management system, the 8s management content includes Seiri, Eiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke, Safety, Save, Study eight parts totally, to enhance product security, enhance corporate image, improve production efficiency, reduce waste, ensure a clean and tidy work environment for employees, and ensure production safety, so that employees have a strong sense of belonging to the company, and continuously improve their own quality, thereby promote the social appearance.

Polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride(PVC) pipline system manufacturer
  • Part 01

    Technologically innovative talents: The company has a group of professional technologically innovative talents who are constantly developing and innovating to adapt to the ever-changing market and meet the diversified demands of customers. At present, we have obtained a number of patents in the manufacturing of pipes and fittings.

  • Part 02

    Perfect and mature formula system: The company’s product formula system adopts international advanced formula, and the formula technology is mature, perfect and stable, which fully guarantees the quality and performance of the product.

  • Part 03

    Strict production process management and control system. The company actively promotes all-staff quality management and other management activities, strictly controls all aspects of raw materials, production and delivery, and improves the standardization of the production process to ensure the continuous stability of product quality.

  • Part 04

    Establish a traceable file system and quality management system: keep implementation records of various regulations and specifications related to raw materials, production equipment, production parameters and products to ensure that each product can be identified and traced.

Polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride(PVC) pipline system manufacturer
  • Part 05

    Comprehensive and complete self-inspection system: In order to ensure that all products are 100% qualified, the company has invested more than RMB 20 million to purchase a full set of advanced testing equipment, from the raw materials into the factory, all links of production and products are carried out strict testing before they leave the factory. Make sure all indicators meet the requirements of international standards before shipment, and all ex-factory products are accompanied by ex-factory inspection reports.

  • Part 06

    Implement preventive and corrective measures, regularly display defective products, and constantly check, correct and evaluate errors to ensure the efficiency of continuous improvement, reduce the incidence of defective products, reduce production costs, control and reduce the loss of production process, standardize the production process and improve the products quality.

  • Part 07

    Adequate supply guarantee system: The company uses advanced inventory management software to allocate and manage the inventory of 5,000 tons to ensure the delivery time of and service.

  • Part 08

    Keeping up with the market and reasonable price: The company has a strong market service system and meets demands of markets and customer’s requirements with cost-effective products.

  • Part 09

    High-quality raw materials recognized by PE100+ Association: Our raw materials for PE100 pipes and fittings are all from PE100+ Association members and compounds are supplied by the suppliers recognized by the Association, to achieve the highest level quality.

  • Part 10

    Pre-sales and after-sales service system: The company has comprehensive sales and service measures. 24-hour manual duty and full-time service staff, can handle customers’ difficulties and problems at any time and provide remote online service guidance for customer projects.

  • Part 11

    Advanced production equipment and processing technology: the company introduced advanced Battenfeld pipe extrusion production lines, the key equipment adopt Austrian twin-screw extruder, and all equipment is automatically controlled by computers, which truly realizes fully automated production operations and enables feeding, Extrusion, traction, and cooling are truly synchronized in the production process.

The company adheres to the corporate philosophy of “focusing on cutting-edge technology and dedicated to professional innovation”, and looks forward to sincere cooperation with you with our advanced technology, modern management, high-quality products and satisfactory services.

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