Bingo Pipeline joins the battle against the coronavirus(COVID-19)

01 May . 2021

Bingo pipeline joins the battle against the COVID-19


The sudden raging epidemic(COVID-19) affects the hearts of every Chinese. The nationwide ” fight the epidemic” immediately started. The construction of the two hospitals in Huoshenshan and Leishenshan with a total construction period of more than ten days is called “infrastructure madness”, and it can also be called a “miracle” in the history of architecture. Behind the miracle is a race against time and a race against the epidemic! On the night of January 26, Chinese companies, including the China Plastic Pipe Industry Association, hurriedly transported various building materials to the Leishenshan construction site. If the construction of Huoshenshan and Leishenshan represent the speed of China’s strength development, then the rapid construction of all participating raw material supply companies and the watchful assistance of all participants represent the Chinese people and the motherland to help each other and overcome difficulties.


Bingo Pipeline actively responds to the call of the Communist Party of China and the government, exerts our social responsibility at important moments, responds quickly, overcomes difficulties, and is timely and efficient. We provide relevant plastic pipes and pipe fittings for the construction and renovation projects of hospitals, to ensure the smooth progress of the construction. At the same time, At the same time, we coordinated and purchase emergency material such as alcohol and masks, and did some things within our capacity.


Through donations, Bingo Pipeline reaffirmed its commitment to social responsibility for enterprise, and is using its own practical actions and methods to contribute a lot of love to the anti-epidemic work across the country.


The epidemic is the enemy of all mankind. We firmly believe that if we work together, we will be able to defeat the epidemic. Now that the epidemic in China has been completely controlled, we also hope that the epidemic around the world can be effectively controlled, and that production and people’s lives can be restored as soon as possible. Let us work together to overcome the epidemic and look forward to a better future.

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