Bingo Pipeline provides customized solutions for cooper mine

30 Apr . 2021

South America is a region with abundant mineral resources such as copper ore and lithium ore, which is the main force of the national economic development. Meanwhile, it also improves the local employment situation and provides unlimited opportunities for the development of local companies.

This is a cooper projects in South Africa, the mining site wanted a high quality, wear resistant pipes products that could withstand the abrasive applications to deal with the tailings, the material size ranges from DN500 to 800mm, and the pressure class is from SDR11 to SDR9, with some quantities of sweep bends, flanges(Stub end and backing ring), and tee, etc. Comparing the performance and advantages of steel tube, Glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes and HDPE pipe comprehensively, they finally decide to choose HDPE pipe and pipe fittings.

We worked with the construction company from local to join the pipelines and weld the fittings, to ensure that all the fusions are complete to the highest standard. We are able to provide not only the material to complete the basic pipelines, but the customized fittings according to the construction demands, to make sure it meets design requirements. We have been serving the mining industry with professional services and high quality products for more than ten years.

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Bingo HDPE Pipeline provides customized solutions for cooper mine

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