HDPE pipes are used for municipal drainage application

30 Apr . 2021

A large-scale urban public transportation agencies construct light rail lines, they need to temporarily reroute the 69” drainage pipes to bypass the light rail construction route. The new rerouted pipes need to be welded multiple times according to the specific angle, curve and lengths on site based on the drawing. To make an bend with a certain angle and carry out transformation, the requirements are very strict, the time is limited, and no errors are allowed. For this situation, HDPE pipe is undoubtedly the best choice.


This is due to the unique advantages of HDPE pipes

1. Light weight, convenient handling, quick construction, and easier construction than steel pipes and ductile iron pipes.

2. Save costs.

3. Weld on site according to drawings, which is easier to operate.

4. HDPE pipeline is flexible pipeline with good environmental adaptability.

5. Flexible welding and construction methods.

6. Butt fusion welding, the joint strength is higher than the pipe itself, and it is safe and leak-free.

HDPE pipes are used for municipal drainage application

This project case fully illustrates the advantages of HDPE pipes in the application of urban drainage and water supply. Please check High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Drainage/ Sewer Pipes to find more details and advantages about the HDPE pipes.

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