HDPE pipes used for Water Reclamation Project

30 Apr . 2021

This water reclamation projects consists of the construction of three pipelines to convey sewage, drinking water, and raw water, 8-inch HDPE sewer pipe; 20-inch HDPE sewer pipe; 4″ HDPE pipe (finished water); 30″ HDPE water pipe (raw water); Due to terrain restrictions, it is necessary to cross some road bridges and build on steep mountain slopes. HDPE pipelines are excellent at transmitting sewage, drinking water in harsh using conditions. This makes the installation of this project very smooth.


Above pipelines are all manufactured and inspected in accordance with ISO4427-2 standards, and 2.5% carbon black is added during production, which has good UV resistance and aging resistance. It is welded by butt fusion welding, which is very convenient for installation.


HDPE pipes used for Water Reclamation Project 2


To learn more about the characteristics and advantages of HDPE, please check High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Drinking Water Pipes

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