HDPE Mining Pipe

30 Apr . 2021

Due to the special environment of coal mines, mining pipelines must have the basic characteristics of anti-static and flame retardant.


On the one hand, acidic or alkaline solvent generally exist in coal mines, which are highly corrosive. This requires that the pipeline can maintain a long working time in the mining, and must have the excellent performance of acid and alkali resistance.


At the same time, underground coal mines have mine cart aisles, and with the possibility of mine collapses. The pipelines must have the characteristics of impact resistance and extrusion resistance. At present, the commonly used mine pipes on the market mainly include polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipelines for underground coal mines, Polyethylene (PE) pipes for underground coal mines and glass fibre reinforced plastic pipe for underground coal mines.


Because polyethylene pipe and fittings used in underground coal mines are a new type of environmentally friendly plastic pipes, they have good anti-static and flame retardant properties, and are light in weight, corrosion resistant, and convenient in construction. They are better than PVC pipes and glass fibre reinforced plastic pipe for high impact resistance, polyethylene (PE) pipes used in coal mines are more ideal for mining pipes.


Polyethylene pipes in coal mines are often used as water supply and drainage pipes, pressure ventilation pipe, gas/ methane drainage pipes and slurry pipes in mines; protection pipes for power cables, optical cables, communication and signal cables in mines; pressure or non-pressure under high gas or dust environments, highway, railways, tunnels ventilation and drainage pipes.


HDPE mining pipelines

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