HDPE pipes and fittings used for Mine reclamation and plantation in mining area project

30 Apr . 2021

With the mining of minerals, it has caused serious damage to the environment, land, and vegetation. Therefore, the reclamation of mining areas and the greening of mining areas are even more important. The land reclamation rate in China’s mining areas is only 12%, which is much lower than that the average mining land reclamation rate of 50-70% in the world. Much lower than the 80% reclamation rate of European and American countries, which seriously affects the timely recovery of mining land. With the emphasis on the environment, more energy and funds have been invested in the mine reclamation and greening internationally.


Mining area reclamation and mining area greening mainly include land politics, mine environment management, and soil restoration. It is our Philippine customer who does a better job. They not only pay attention to the treatment of sewage in the living area, but also build parks in the mining area, develop tourism, and agricultural planting. Planting trees and grass on the damaged land to prevent soil erosion and improve the local green environment, but also to improve the land conditions. Use abandoned factory buildings to develop aquaculture, develop the economy, and benefit the people in the mining area. Adjust measures to local conditions according to local natural conditions. HDPE pipelines are not only widely used in mining, water supply, drainage, and tailings. In the above land reclamation and mining area greening, the role of HDPE pipelines can not be ignored.


Application of HDPE pipe

Road and railway slope protection and greening, river embankment and reservoir greening construction

Reclamation of mining wasteland and quarry, sandy land and water-proof soil erosion

HDPE pipes and fittings used for Mine reclamation and plantation in mining area project

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