High density polyethelyne (HDPE) pipe for Massive Desalination Plant project

30 Apr . 2021

Water is one of the most important resources in the world. Due to the growing world population, climate change and the associated decrease in rainfall, this topic is becoming of increasing significance. Globally, water resources consist of 97 per cent of salt or brackish water. For this reason, treating these salt and brackish water with technology as a means for supplying drinking water for humanity is an obvious solution. This is where seawater desalination technology, using the reverse osmosis principle, comes into play.

With the reverse osmosis technique, seawater or brackish water is treated so it can be subsequently used as drinking water or for industrial purposes. As a supplier of pipes and fittings, Bingo Pipeline plays a key role worldwide in the realization of these projects.

The advantages of HDPE pipes and fittings are obvious: excellent corrosion resistance, long service life of up to 100 years, very smooth inner surface to prevent incrustation, and a high resistance to saline water. Which could maintain its strength and durability after being exposed to corrosive seawater and keep high velocity flow in the line. As a leading system supplier of PE pipes and fittings, our products are used in various areas of seawater desalination.

Diverse applications

Seawater desalination plants

– Pipe systems for reverse osmosis

– Intake and outfall systems

– Pipe systems for the transport of chemical-enriched water

– Lining of drinking water containers

Drinking water preparation

High density polyethelyne (HDPE) pipe for Massive Desalination Plant project

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