Raw materials are the top priority of polyethylene(PE) water supply pipes, polyethylene(PE) pipes and fittings

01 May . 2021

Raw material of polyethylene(PE)

There is a wide range of polyethylene(PE) water supply pipes, polyethylene(PE) pipes and fittings on the market, and manufacturers are uneven. When purchasing polyethylene(PE) products, most consumers blindly pursue low prices and often ignore the quality of the products. The quality of polyethylene(PE) water supply pipe products directly affects the service life of the product and the quality of drinking water, and the low price is often inferior to the quality, which will cause greater economic losses to the user in the later using period.


Now I will tell you how to choose the most suitable product among the intricate products. The following key points usually affect the service life of polyethylene(PE) pipe fittings of polyethylene(PE) water supply pipe:

①Product raw materials

②Production process

③Processing equipment

④Industry standards or national standards

⑤Enterprise quality inspection


Among above points, the most critical is the raw materials. High-quality raw materials can make the quality of polyethylene(PE) water supply pipes and polyethylene(PE) pipe fittings meet national or industry standards and have a longer service life. Some manufacturers, in order to keep low product prices and pursuing profit, use raw materials that do not meet the requirements, so that the polyethylene(PE) pipe and fittings produced do not meet the international standards.


Polyethylene(PE) Water Supply Pipe, polyethylene(PE) Pipe and Fittings produced by Bingo Pipeline, selecting high-quality raw material suppliers. In order to solve the uneven domestic raw material suppliers, we expanded the raw material suppliers to the global. Domestic suppliers include CNPC(China National Petroleum Corporation), Sinopec, Yanshan Petrochemical, etc., and international raw material suppliers include Borealis, Korea Petrochemical, Total of France, Sinopec, Dow Chemical of the United States, SABIC, etc., so that the Binggao brand polyethylene(PE) water supply pipe, polyethylene(PE) pipe and fittings produced meet the national standards, even higher than the industry standards.


“A Century of Established Enterprise” has created an industry brand. The senior management industry strives to abide by industry standards, strictly implements international standards, and strives to become a leading company in the pipeline industry. Our continuous efforts are inseparable from the support and trust of customers.


Regarding the control of product raw materials and the quality control process of production technology, product testing, etc., please check our QA and QC system.

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