The difference between white polyethylene(PE) pipe and black polyethylene(PE) pipe

01 May . 2021

white HDPE pipe for water

Generally, the raw materials used for white polyethylene(PE) pipes and black polyethylene(PE) pipes on the market are polyethylene resins, and the difference in color is whether or not a black masterbatch is added.


1. From the perspective of production

The white polyethylene(PE) pipe is produced with pure material by adding white masterbatch or no masterbatch during the production process; while the black polyethylene(PE) pipe is produced with a certain amount of masterbatch during the production process;


2. From the perspective of the impact of light on the pipeline

The raw material of the polyethylene(PE) water supply pipe is white, and it becomes a black pipe after adding a black masterbatch during production. The main function is to prevent ultraviolet rays, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the polyethylene molecular chain. Therefore, when using polyethylene(PE) water supply pipes in the open air, black polyethylene(PE) pipes must be used, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays and are not easy to breed bacteria. On the contrary, for buried using applications, the color requirements are relatively low, and white polyethylene(PE) water supply pipes are generally used.


3. From the perspective of using psychology

Black polyethylene(PE) pipes, due to the addition of black color masterbatch, are also easy to add some recycled waste. For drinking water pipes, this is not allowed in national standards, while white polyethylene(PE) pipes, especially white polyethylene(PE) pipes produced from raw materials, It is easy for consumers to see the quality of the material, and it is easier for consumers to be assured.


In short, whether it is white polyethylene(PE) pipe or black polyethylene(PE) pipe, as long as it is produced with virgin polyethylene(PE) raw materials, there is almost no difference in quality. In terms of use, black polyethylene(PE) pipes are used more. For the specific choice, please choose according to the actual situation.

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