Polyethylene(PE) pipe production process

01 May . 2021

better production quality of polyethylene(PE) pipes

The production equipment for polyethylene(PE) pipes is controlled by fully automatic computers. What we can see is from the raw materials to the hopper to the finished pipe for cutting, and We can hardly see the intermediate production step. There must be many people who are curious about how high-density polyethylene(HDPE) Pipes are produced and what are the processing procedures?


The specific steps of the polyethylene(PE) pipe production process are as follows:

1. Raw materials are mixed and dried

The function of mixing and drying is to stir, dry and mix polyethylene(PE) resin and color masterbatch to obtain uniform raw materials. If it has been PE compounds, there is no need to add color masterbatch.

2. Plasticizing and extrusion

The raw material enters the extruder from the hopper. Under the action of conveying, compression, melting, and homogenization, the solid particles gradually change to a highly elastic state, and then gradually change from a highly elastic state to a viscous fluid (viscous fluid state), and continue Squeeze out.

3. Mold forming

At a suitable temperature, the material extruded from the extruder passes through the filter plate from a rotary motion to a linear motion and enters the mold. After spiral splitting, it is fused and compacted into a tubular parison in the forming section, and finally extruded from the die.

4. Cooling and shaping

The hot tube billet extruded from the die is shaped and cooled by the sizing sleeve vacuum sizing box under negative pressure, and then passes through the spray cooling box to gradually cool the inside of the pipe, thereby solidifying and setting the shape as a whole.

5. Laser coding and printing marks.

Advanced laser printers are used to print the marks on the pipes, including pipe standards, raw material grade, applications, brand, production time, production batch, and pipe diameter, wall thickness, pressure rate and other information. These information should be ensured that it will not be disappeared after being buried to realize the traceability of the product.

6. Cutting

Under the control of the meter wheel, the fixed-length cutting of the pipe is completed by the planetary cutting machine.

7. Stacking and packaging

The cut pipes are pushed to the turning table, packaged and transported after passing the inspection. If you need to store it, be sure to avoid sunlight.


Above are the specific steps in the production of high-density polyethylene(HDPE) Pipes. When producing polyethylene(PE) pipes, the above steps are indispensable. But the following points should be also paid attention to during production operations:

1. Precautions for the operation of the feeder

The suction time should not be too long; clean the filter screen frequently; monitor whether the micro switch is normal.

2. Precautions for the operation of the dryer

(1) Turn on the fan first and then turn on the heating.

(2) A full barrel can achieve a better drying effect.

(3) PE material drying temperature is about 80°C.

(4) The temperature control meter displays the difference of the actual temperature under the set temperature. When the displayed temperature is zero, the actual temperature is consistent with the set temperature.

(5) The working principle of the bimetal thermometer: Using two materials with different expansion coefficients, the temperature is measured according to the degree of deformation.

(6) Control the running direction of air.

(7) It is strictly forbidden to close the air inlet.

Under normal circumstances, if you want to produce qualified polyethylene(PE) pipes, you need to control the production steps and processes of these polyethylene(PE) pipes. In addition, enterprises can also optimize their production processes according to their actual conditions, so that achieve better production quality of polyethylene(PE) pipes. And conduct inspections in each steps to ensure the quality of the final product. Bingo pipeline adopts international advanced production equipment, mature product formula and production processing technology, and strictly implements the production quality control system, ensuring that the quality of the high-density polyethylene(HDPE) pipelines we produce are much better and far exceeds other brands in the industry.

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